Tucson For Bernie Discusses Next Steps

Where Do We Go From Here?

Tucson For Bernie announces discussions on our next steps of a potential endorsement for Joe Biden and the path forward for our group.  Be on the look out for an email on how you can participate and voice your vote!  We look forward to respectful, but spirited debate that brings forth the issues and direction as Tucson For Bernie discusses the future of our organization and the role we will play between now and November.   Stay Tuned!  

Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead!

Tucson For Bernie announces it’s endorsement for Joe Biden for President of the United States.   While we are ultimately disappointed that Bernie will not be the nominee, we all unite together in a collective effort to defeat Donald Trump in November 2020 as we work to #UniteAmerica and continue down ballot initiatives to bring a progressive platform to Americans. 

Four choices being considered are:

  1. Endorse Joe Biden
  2. Endorse Joe Biden Conditionally (he must support Bernie’s policies of Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Free College, etc.)
  3. To remain Neutral on the question of endorsement
  4. To Reject Joe Biden
This is a question of Endorsement only which represents the will of the majority of Tucson for Bernie volunteer members who invested over a year of hours-upon-hours of activism, hard work, and personal expense to get Bernie elected and his policy platform implemented. This is not necessarily indicative of how people will vote in November which is a personal decision made as the general election unfolds.

Are You Tucson Ready?    We Are! 

Arizona is going through a transformation. People of all backgrounds and experiences are coming together to build power together in our first time as a battleground state. It will take all of us to make this a reality, from the Navajo Nation to Yuma. We will need to get ready together. We’ll be opening offices statewide, hiring and training organizers, and creating on-and-offline communities where volunteers can come build the infrastructure we need to beat Trump and those who are pushing his agenda. Arizona will be at the forefront of this battle. Arizona is Ready!